Overwhelming, isn’t it? Doing all the right things so you can be ok – normal even. And yet your heart hurts, your head questions, and your life is a mess. Where is this God you thought you knew?

 I looked good from the outside, but behind closed doors the drama was off the charts. I didn’t have energy to deal with normal stuff, difficult relationships, or hard faith questions. I desperately needed to be rescued from this chaos so I could stop feeling so defensive and overwhelmed. I felt like I was being controlled by something and God had left the building.

 Under all the feelings and words, hopes and dreams, I felt betrayed by God for letting me be hurt. All the “drama” flowed from my angry, fearful, bitter heart. God had dropped the ball – I got hurt on HIS watch. 

Where had He gone and who was going to right this wrong? 

Did He see or care?

If He did, why was my life falling apart?

I had lost hope of anything ever changing. I began throwing God’s Word at myself and others in a “Patient, heal thyself!” manner, but it wasn’t working – for me OR them.

My way out of the chaos into the calm started with God showing me that He DID see and hadn’t left me. He was working IN my storm to draw me to His gracious, merciful heart. He wanted me to be free of the burden of bitterness I was not intended to carry. He had this – I could entrust it to Him. (1 Peter 2:21-25)

8 Week Coaching Package

Move into the future with greater confidence in your voice  and passionate energy to live as God has created you to – minus the chaos.

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Before I had only possessed HEAD knowledge of the Word of God, never seeing the God of the Word within it. He is a Person. It is a relationship. It is not a thing to be manipulated. This Word was His love story of salvation to me in my broken world. (Luke 19:10)

I learned that broken people break other people. He uses that brokenness and responses to it, and weaves His story of salvation, mercy, and grace, making a beautiful masterpiece of His healing love in the midst of chaos.

12 Week Coaching Package

Learn to confess the hurt, grieve the losses, and accept what cannot be changed about your past.

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In the valleys He is with us. We must lean into Him, trust Him, and know He is good. He is working for OUR good and HIS glory to heal and make us new. (Romans 8:28-30)

I desperately want you to know and embrace these truths: We belong to Him. We are secure in Him. He loves unconditionally.

16 Week Coaching Package

This process will strengthen your confidence in God, your voice, and how to create healthy relationships with others.

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 When storms rage, He is working to bring about our good – no matter what we see, feel, or understand.

He desires for us to live confidently in these truths every day. His love releases us to be authentic. It starts as we begin replacing the lies we have believed so long with His truth –who He REALLY is, who we are in Him, and how He equips us to live for Him in a broken world.

It Is Time To Make Choices

“Done trying harder, failing at relationships, feeling inadequate, and being alone in your hurt?”

“Ready to embrace forgiveness and surrender justice to Him?”


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