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Begin Processing the Daily Frustrations of Your Life

Step into the light and begin to discover the source of your swirling storm. Start to address and find healthy ways to move through broken relationships and situations. How? By learning who God is IN them, who you are THROUGH them, and how to love, forgive, and serve others IN SPITE of them. Move into the future with greater confidence in your voice  and passionate energy to live as God has created you to – minus the chaos .

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Fix What is Out of Control in Your Life

Go a litle deeper and learn to confess the hurt, grieve the losses, and accept what cannot be changed about your past. Walk in God’s faithfulness, gain confidence in who He made you to be, and create healthy boundaries with others. Unleash energy to love, forgive, and move forward with His purpose and passion, leaving your chaos in the past where it belongs.

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God Can Bring Good from YOUR Messy Life

As you dive even more deeply into the broken relationships and the situations that create drama in your life, God will reveal HIS story within YOUR story. This process will strengthen your confidence in God, your voice, and how to create healthy relationships with others. This increased confidence will give you a voice to share with other women who need to hear of how the Lord can bring His good out of their story, spreading the light into THEIR darkness, freeing them from their chaos.

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Complimentary 40 Minute Discovery Session

Decide if a partnership with me would actually help you sort out the chaos in your life and allow you to understand who God is IN it, who you are THROUGH it, and how to love, forgive, and serve others OUT OF it. 

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My prices are set, but ALWAYS flexible to meet YOUR ability to afford what YOU can afford right now. DO NOT let the price hold you back from the freedom the Lord has for you. Contact me and we will make it happen. 

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