October 10, 2016

“Soul Wounds”

Broken words others have spoken to us. Broken words we say to ourselves. They can be true, partly true, or totally false. They have power over us and they steal power from us. They can create shame that drives us into darkness, where doubt, discouragement, and death of our soul lives.  There is only One who can overcome such darkness because His name is Light, Truth, and Healer.

What are these words?

What are their long-term effects?

How does God’s Word heal us from their damaging effect on our soul?



How do these words affect us?

These words create the perfect storm where other and deeper abuses occur. We have been bathed in the words spoken to us for so long, we actually believe they are truth, adding our own to the mix. They are on repeat in our head and, every time we look in a mirror, they scream at us, going deeper, creating what a dear friend calls “soul wounds”. So appropriate, since they never stay on the surface or bounce off, but instead go deep into the very place where we go to to find out who we really are – our soul.

Our worth is called into question, leaving us vulnerable, exposed, and groomed for deeper and deeper “soul wounds”. We believe we do not deserve better – this is as good as it will ever get. This goes on until we have lost who we are and we find ourselves just surviving, without strength to fight the words any more, let alone believe there is hope for any better ones.

How does God’s Word heal the soul wounds?

It begins with knowing the words HE uses when He speaks about us. Yes, He calls us sinners, deserving of wrath for our sin. But this is NOT where He leaves us. Why? God so LOVED us that He GAVE His Son in our place. We were originally made in His image. Sin marred that image. He graciously and mercifully applied the work of the cross to restore that image. We no longer deserve condemnation. We are now CHOSEN and CALLED out of darkness to be HIS CHILDREN. We are now His DAUGHTERS OF LIGHT – in Christ. We are FORGIVEN and FREE – the HEIRS of a new name and a new, restored identity. The old no longer defines us – JESUS DOES!

The words of others we have heard and believed, that have wounded us, destroying our soul’s identity, no longer have power to define us. God’s Word defines us. We need to surrender the lies of the words we have believed, to the One who made us for Himself and has given us His identity. The hole in our soul will be filled to full and overflowing by the Great I AM, Maker of heaven and earth, when we hear HIS words spoken over us and choose to embrace them as our very own.

True or false, Jesus died for the soul-wounding words spoken into our lives by others and that we have wrongly believed define who we are and what we are worth.

  • DO NOT let soul-wounding words continue to take up residence in your head and your heart.
  • GO to His Word because this is where God’s Story informs your story – your identity and worth.
  • ASK God to show you what He says about you there.
  • WRITE down His truth.
  • SEEK His power for confidence to believe His Words are true of you every day – always – no matter what.
  • WALK around in HIS declaration of you, letting the words from the past fall on deaf ears because they are ringing with His voice of love, acceptance, and purpose.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

If you would like to know more about how to process this truth and others like it that are stealing hope and creating chaos in your life, I have a

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  • Share with me your where you are in this word-storm and how it is creating “soul wounds” in you life.

  • Find out a bit about how I might be able to partner with you to explore, process, and replace what others have poured into you, with the truth of who you are in Christ.

  • Decide if where you are and what I have to offer, will be a good partnership to become the confident woman He created you to be, living free of your past  – words and all.