October 24, 2016

How Demanding PROOF That God Cares Mocks the Cross

Sorrow develops as the believer begins to see that her demand for God to prove He cares is a mockery of the Cross. The death of Jesus Christ is sufficient proof of the trustworthiness of the heart of God. Such indifference breaks the heart of the Father, who eagerly awaits the return of the prodigal son and the brokenness of the elder son. When the humble child of faith sees the Father weep rather than retaliate and eagerly wait rather than turn His back, the wellspring of sorrow and passion begins to churn with life.”
(― from “The Wounded Heart: Hope for Adult Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse”)

    This quote made me stop and weep as I thought of all the years I had wrongly thought God  did not care about what had happened to me. I really thought He had left and gone somewhere. I could not see Him. Though I desperately needed his intervention in my life, I had stopped believing I was top priority to Him. I was acting like all He had already done at the cross was not enough proof of His love and concern for my state of brokenness. Somehow, I missed the PROOF He had already given on the Cross.

     I am now convinced with all my heart that when we believe God does not care about our hurt, it mocks His heart for our brokenness and the lengths He went to to bring us back to Him.

How does our desire for Him to PROVE He cares for us, mock His offering at the cross?

1. It says He doesn’t KNOW my need is great

    Maybe God doesn’t realize the mess I am in. He died for others, but maybe He doesn’t see my actual need right in this moment. Maybe He just created the world and walked off and is unaware of my dilemma.

     The very fact that He created the entire universe and us IN HIS IMAGE to live in relationship WITH US, means He is involved in knowing us, not just handing off the planet to our bumbling, finite care. I mean, He blew His very breath into us and DAILY walked and talked with the first humans in the Garden. He knew when we had believed Satan’s lie and made a covering of animal skins, setting the plan in motion to send a Savior to restore what was broken there.

     No, God, the One who intricately made each one of us in our mother’s womb, knows the great need we have for His intervention. He made a way and did the work HIMSELF, because He knew we never could. We have a very loving, attentive God, unwilling to just let us face the consequences of our choice. Trust me, He KNOWS.

2. It says that I don’t think He has the power to meet my need

    Maybe my issues are TOO BIG for God. I think the cross can save me from punishment for sin, but obviously not from the everyday chaos in my life and the things others have done to wound me. I am expecting way too much of Him – there are too many people with even greater issues than mine.


    God, who is SINLESS, gave Himself to pay for our sin so that we could not only be saved from the penalty of sin, but also its power to keep us broken. We are freed by His PERFECT sacrifice to live out of His forgiveness. He doesn’t just pay for our sins on the cross, He gives us His powerful presence to heal and overcome the brokenness we are and the brokenness done to us. This power is enough for EVERYONE WHO HAS EVER LIVED. The proof of it is a LIVING SAVIOR.

 3. It  says that He doesn’t DESIRE to meet my need

    I actually believed I was being punished  – as if God loved to watch me squirm under His powerful thumb. Satan twisted my thinking so I actually believed God did not WANT to save or rescue me from my chaos. This left me thinking I was on my own and my current chaos was the best it would ever get. So I began to just cope, looking for ways to lessen the pain of a broken, hopeless life – all leading to more and more destruction.


    We must remember, however, that Satan is our enemy because He is GOD’S enemy. It started in the Garden with Him questioning God’s goodness, and then moved on to soften the holy standards the Lord had for those He made in His image.


“Did God REALLY say you cannot eat of this tree?”

“You will NOT surely die – you will instead be like God.”



    Satan knew the cost of wanting to be like God – banished from heaven and a broken relationship with God, His Creator. What He offered was lies – he did not care about their eternity, their chaos, or their hurt. He just wanted to hurt God by crushing them, the Creator’s precious image bearers.

     In going to the cross, Jesus has more than PROVEN His love, not only for our eternity, but also for our here and now. He could have justly walked away and said, “YOU broke it, YOU fix it!” But God wanted us to know His heart for us, making a way for His wrath to be appeased, our hurts to be avenged, and our wounds healed. God is in the restoration business – it cost Him His only Son, His greatest treasure. It was worth it to Him.


So what can we know about God’s care of us?


We can know God KNOWS our need.

We can trust God is POWERFUL to save.

We can rest in God’s PROVEN DESIRE to make what is broken in us right again.

The Cross PROVES God’s faithfulness to meet my greatest need, His power to bring it forth, and His desire to make ME right with Him, when I would otherwise be doomed. He has done more than enough to PROVE He loves me and cares about me.

God did more than promise He would make a way.

He became the way.

His actions prove His faithfulness to HIS WORD, and to me, His daughter.

Satan HATES me, but God LOVES AND CARES for me – all the way to the Cross!


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