June 6, 2016

What IS it I offer You at Unchanging God Changing You?

I often say I want to help you walk forward with confidence in Christ, without fear.

What does that look like when it is happening in YOUR life?

I am working with a Christian Message Coach. She asked me a question the other day that got me thinking. She asked me what behavior changes occur when the thing the Lord has taught me is applied and assimilated into other’s lives?

In other words, “What changes in the lives of the women I help when they apply the things I have helped them discover?”

I had to think about what changed in ME when the switch was flicked and healing began.

What made me release and let go of years of fear, control, and broken ways of coping and hiding and isolation and shame?

Jesus stepped into my heart and enabled me to see how much I had been forgiven (Matthew 18). How much I had sinned against God and others. Does this mean the person or persons who had wounded me were less sinful? NO!!!! Just that there was no comparing of my sin as worse, less than, or more than theirs was when we were both stacked up against God’s righteousness. I AND they needed Him. We were ALL a hot mess waiting to damage others around us. They had simple gotten to me before I ever got to anyone else,

I know that is not what you want to hear.

It is painful to know and internalize.

It is in knowing the GRACE from God applied to my life that showed me how wretched I was and how in need of His grace those who hurt me ALSO were.

He sees OUR sin.

He sees THEIR sin.

He covered MY sin.

He asks me to trust Him to take care of THEIR sin, either by His grace or by his ultimate judgment.

It all comes down to the abuser’s need of Jesus – will they stand before Him IN CHRIST or on their OWN merit – which is empty? I know you want them to go there and face all you think they deserve.

I used to.

It ate me up and destroyed all that mattered to me.

It caused such overwhelming bitterness, fear of being hurt again, feeling out of control, unable to do what everyone else found “ordinary” and “normal”.

What I want to begin to share with you next Monday and beyond is what I offer YOU when you come to me and we explore all these feelings and thoughts – the turmoil that flows from being hurt by life on a planet broken by sin.

Things like:

  • the ability to confront people in your life about the hard things
  • setting boundaries for peace AND grace in your relationships
  • living in a less guarded state – allowing others in
  • no longer being bound by your past wounds
  • having the ability to joyfully share what the Lord has done
  • an ease of believing the best and not assuming the worst of others
  • quickness to forgive, knowing God is the ultimate Judge and Your Defender
  • a heart of compassion for the ones who wound and have been wounded, knowing they need Jesus above all else

If THAT is what your heart is looking for, let me share more with you.

Let me walk with you through the fire of His grace to find:
– healing of your wounds
– secured identity in Christ – holy and loved
 – purpose THROUGH discovering your past  and moving into a future confident of who God is and how He can use you to pay forward all the Lord has done for you in yours.




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