July 6, 2015

Be Aware of the Vision

Vision is a word that can be greatly abused when we make it all about OUR feelings or selfish motivations. Vision, how I want to talk about it, has to do with a burden that the Lord puts on your heart to solve. It wraps around you, causes you to lose sleep, maybe even get hopping mad -or at least very frustrated – when no one gets the urgency for this vision that you do. This vision often flows out of an awareness of your gifts, strengths, values, life’s themes, convictions. Vision is discovering your individual “Why” and how it fits within the scope of God’s big “WHY”, which is Him reconciling a lost world to Himself through the work of Christ’s death and resurrection. My personal vision is driven by seeing Christian women floundering under the lies of cultural expectations, striving for identity and purpose without knowing what God has to say about it, and knowing His heart can set them free to be what He has created, called, and equipped them to be. I want to help women explore what the Lord has been up to, who He has revealed Himself to be from His Word and through their life experiences, and how those together can awaken a sense of what direction the Lord has for them to engage or serve others for His glory.

There are questions to help find YOUR “Why” within His “WHY”. They begin with a desire to leave a legacy and then move into looking for patterns of concern, passion, needs your gifts can be used by the Lord to address. So here we go…

  • When you are 95 what will you want to have done that truly matters to you?

  • What are the themes around what makes you angry, brings you to tears, draws you out to take a stand?

  • What do you see as the solution to that which matters to you in these themes?

  • What gifts and strengths do you bring to the table? How do you want to use your gifts and strength to bring about a solution?

  • What is the ideal outcome for you in solving this problem or need that the Lord has tenderized your heart for?

  • How will it feel when you accomplish bringing this vision to completion?

  • What will happen if you do not pursue this vision?

  • What is the worst that can happen if you do pursue it?

In order to know if this vision is from the Lord for you specifically, you need to pray, read passages related to the ideas, principles, or actions of people in the Bible, and then share it with mature believers you trust. God will confirm and lead you as you surrender it to Him to see if He continues to make it a priority in your life. There may be much that needs to take place in you as a person AND in the people or situation you are being called by the Lord to help or serve. Timing is the hardest part of a vision. If we jump in before we are ready, we can try and carry out the vision in our own strength, which can cause burnout and frustration and a crisis of faith. Trust His timing, listen for His clues, let Him empower you for the carrying out of His vision in you for others. Sometimes the people He has called you to help aren’t ready for the help you are eagerly ready to offer. God has to work in their lives to create the greatest atmosphere for their needs being met and them seeing Him as the hero of their story with you being a part of helping them tell it. It is His story and He is including you in a small part of His big “WHY”, so do not run ahead of Him. Trust He knows best for you and them.

Continue to entrust the vision to those who will faithfully pray for you so when the Lord says “GO!”, you are ready and leaning on Him for success. There will be others in your life who just do not get it and will try to discourage you from doing this. Why?  Because they think they are protecting your reputation, feel the unknown is too dangerous for you, see your action as threatening to their status quo or jealous by your desire to act while they themselves are not following their calling. You must be discerning on who you listen to as you go forward to carry out your vision. You must be very clear with yourself that this is for the Lord and you will stay focused on Him by remaining in His Word, surrendering your own agenda and pride and opinions to Him daily, refusing to stop until He says “Stop”.

I will share my official Vision Statement as an example:

  • Kristin’s Vision Statement: women who know the word of God, the Lord, and their specific passion(s)and purposes to serve him how he created, called, and equipped them to.

Vision leads to mission, which really is more for next time, but I want you to see them together to see how they are alike, but different.

  • Kristin’s Mission Statement: “Helping women discover how their lives can be used to build God’s Kingdom, by enabling them to apply His Word, seek to know Him more deeply, and find the ways or places they were created, called and equipped to bring Him glory.”

Do you see the connection from the big picture (Vision) to the actions you believe your gifts, strengths and abilities can implement (Mission) to get yourself to the envisioned outcome? I love to learn. I love God’s Word. Through my life’s brokenness and searching I have seen the goodness and beauty of the Lord, through His Word applied, and how that has enabled me to find the ways or places I was created, called and equipped to bring God glory. The Lord enables me to see in other women –  when they share their stories – the disconnect I once had with Him and His Word, and that gives me the desire to teach what He has shown me. He has given me His Vision for my life – my “Why” that fits within His “WHY”. Life Coaching added to my love of learning and asking a million questions has become the final puzzle piece to carrying out the vision He gave – it is helping women discover how their lives can be used to build God’s Kingdom, by enabling them to apply the His Word, make strategies to know Him more deeply, and finding the ways or places they were created, called, and equipped to bring Him glory.

Life Coaching asks questions to create awareness of who I am, what I want, what is going on, and what God is up to in my life. Then He gives me a vision for what He wants me to do and work on to take that new awareness to the next step, transforming my thinking, aligning it with His, taking ownership of my unique “Why” within His bigger “WHY”.

Vision is an exciting step that fuels the the process of making goals and creating steps to carry out the mission in light of it!

But like I said earlier, “Strategy and Action” (Mission) is next week…

What is your answer to the thought-bubble question in the picture above? How will you discover the answer to it if you don’t currently know? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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