June 22, 2015

Stop the Comparisons: Embracing Who We are in Christ as WOMEN

I value the authenticity and power of God’s Word, applied by the Spirit, to change people. I love to see how the Word of God can encourage and guide women in our world today. It still speaks to our every need because women have not fundamentally changed – only the culture around them and ability to impact it have. Our greatest need continues to be a healed relationship with God in Christ that affects all our other roles, relationships, needs, hurts. When our relationship with Him is right, all other things can align under His grace and truth as He makes our hearts and minds new, changing our legacy – our eternal impact for Him.

A few Biblical women come to mind when I think of a changed legacy. In the Old Testament, Sarai became Sarah, the mother of nations, through the ups and downs of seeing God’s promised son Isaac finally born from her 90 year old womb. Her faith was in God even when she was unsure of His methods and timing. Rahab went from being a prostitute in a pagan nation to believing in the Almighty God and included in the earthly lineage of Jesus. Her faith in God made her whole legacy change – that is what grace does. Ruth followed her mother in law Naomi to Israel after the deaths of their husbands, because she believed in Naomi’s God. They were widowed and without means of support, but she trusted in God’s provision – she is also included in the earthly lineage of Jesus. In the New Testament, Jesus went out of His way and against the social norms by speaking to a Samaritan who was also a woman (both taboo), so that she might see her need of Christ and be saved. She ran into town and shared it with others and they heard and were saved as well. The first to see and speak with Jesus after His resurrection from the dead was women – the “Mary’s” – this would never have been shared in the gospels if it didn’t actually happen, because a women’s testimony in that time was not considered reliable in a court of law. Jesus honored women by making them the first to experience His resurrection and let them share it with the men. Women shared the gospel – Priscilla alongside her husband Aquila shared the rest of the story of Jesus – the baptism of the Holy Spirit- with Apollos.

Jesus greatly uses and significantly includes women in His body of faith. There is so much He has for us to be doing. So much He has equipped us to do for an eternal impact – gospel legacy. So how can we be so discontent and seek to push into areas He doesn’t intended for us to be in? Do we think like Eve that God is holding out on us, keeping us from the “good” or “better” places of service? We are called helpers in spreading the Gospel, co-heirs of salvation with men, compassionate, nurturing, mentors, disciplers – at home, at work, in our neighborhoods, and around the world. (Side Note: God often refers to Himself as Helper in the Old Testament and the Holy Spirit is called our Helper in the New Testament.) What would happen if we chose to trust in His placement and roles within our homes, culture, world? Out of that right relationship with Him- His filling of our cup to overflowing – we could pour into others wherever He leads and calls us to, without need to compete with men in “how” we make an impact in His Kingdom.

I really am not speaking about who does dishes, mows the lawn, or who makes the most money in a home – I mow the yard and my husband is an awesome cook! I am also not speaking to what women in culture are allowed to do and be – many women were then and are now in the marketplace with men. Its deeper than that. We keep comparing ourselves with men – Why? Look at all the glorious things the Lord allowed women to become and do as they were surrendered to His agenda, Old and New Testament – there are so many more examples but I only covered a few. What if we instead embraced how we are uniquely made to be and followed our passions and dreams to His glory? I don’t know how many of you read last week’s blog on approval and living for the wrong motivations of pride and people pleasing, but that very theme arises here again. We seek to compare and strive to be better than others. We are not content. We lack joy even while we are going after what we think will make us happy – being like men.

My heart for coaching is to help women truly know the Lord as He is revealed in His Word, enabling them to discover how He has created, called, and equipped THEM to serve in his kingdom – anywhere that is – embracing who they are in Christ as a WOMAN. Fall in love with the Lord and His Word in such a way that He transforms your goals and ambitions, being thankful for all He has made you to be and to do for Him. You were created and called to honor Him, not compete with men, so allow Him to do through you what HE made YOU to do. If you are trying to do what God called men to do just to prove you can, who is doing what He called YOU to do? What good work is NOT being done? My challenge to you is to be content with being a daughter of the King of Kings and get to business where He has planted you. Go make an eternal impact by leaving a legacy of the Gospel of Jesus – a pleasing aroma to the Lord – wherever you are!

How does this article challenge your current mindset? What would the effects of changing your focus be if you were seeking His glory and not competing? When you look back over your life, what legacy do you want to have? How could it be adjusted to glorify the Lord more? Currently getting ready for the wave of feedback. It is ok, because it is all spoken in love and for the building up of my sisters in the Lord. 🙂

Praying we learn to rest in His declaration of who we are as individual women and how we together can encourage others to do the same – for HIS glory!

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