May 18, 2015

Is Life Coaching Really Worth It?

Life Coaching is everywhere on the internet. Is this another self-help thing or a slick way of doing what disciplers and mentors have always done – just for money? Why pay for something that I can talk to a friend about or look for the “how” online? The answers to these questions are important. Until you understand the difference and the power behind being coached, you will not see your need for a life coach or the reason anyone would have one, especially one they pay for.

Discipling and mentoring have their place in church and in society. The difference between coaching and these are many. Discipling/mentoring is me teaching you and modeling for you the way to go. Coaching is me partnering with you to discover who you are and what your gifts and strengths are that support you making wise decisions that honor who God made you to be. Discipleship/mentoring is where I am the expert or at least many steps or years ahead of you on a journey and you look to me for wisdom and guidance. Coaching is about your journey, finding the path the Lord has for you as He has uniquely created, called, and equipped you for according to His Word. Discipleship/mentoring is me telling you what works and what doesn’t. Coaching is me asking questions that enable you to process what does and doesn’t work currently in your life, in addition to what you changes might need to be made. Discipleship/mentoring is me telling you how to fix the what and why of what isn’t working, why it isn’t working, and what works best according to me. Coaching is you seeing for yourself, as you process, that not changing is costing you something, change can have rewards, realizing the obstacles and support you need to make those changes.

I have been coached. I have a coach. I want to coach you. The power of coaching lies in the power of your own discovery, the sounding board of someone you trust to encourage you and challenge you, along with the accountability to follow-through on what steps toward change you have set up for yourself. It is ownership of your own treasures, values, passions, vision, dreams, changes or lack of making changes. I am there to help you find the “aha!” in a situation that has kept you stuck, or change your perspective on something that you thought only had one solution. I ask powerful questions based on what you share, the tone of voice you share it in, and the repetition of thoughts and phrases you share. It is me helping you sort your thoughts so you can make the next step with much more clarity and assurance. And if it does not work out like you planned, I can ask questions in the next session to break down the obstacles and the needed support to be more successful as you try again.

Of course there is the, “Why do I have to pay for stuff a free good talk with a friend might give me instead?” Have you ever gotten something for free only to have it sit around and collect dust? I have. I used to have a whole basement full of stuff like that until I moved three states and down-sized my possessions. I have also signed up for free books, articles or classes, only to find them unread, unused, forgotten, and/or have other priorities push it aside. Free is good when it is used, but not when it collects dust because it costs us nothing. The book I paid for or the class I paid for, I go to. Why? Because what I pay for I do not want to waste. Money increases the likelihood of me doing all I can with that item or service to get the perceived value out of my investment. The value to you creates motivation to use it and gain from it.

So paying for a coach is much different than a productive chat with a friend (even though this too is necessary for growth). If you are paying to make changes and take steps forward or whatever you need coaching for, your motivation and accountability to make the best use of your investment has greatly increased your chances of success. Perception of your investment drives the change that you tried on your own- by reading a book/article or trying to put into place the ideas of a friend- but never accomplished. Going to the gym or buying a workout system and doing it with a friend gives greater incentive and support, than downloading a free video or trying a list of exercises from a website and doing it by yourself. Cost of ownership + supportive accountability = true, lasting transformation.

Unchanging God Changing You offers packages for varying fees, but I also offer ways to work out something based on your ability to pay, or barter services in exchange. I have something I want to offer to you. Something that I know works and gives me great joy as you experience your “AHA!” and growth that moves you where you never thought you could go or had the ability to get. So, go check out my offer of a complimentary “Kicking the Tires” session on My Coaching Packages page or send me a message on my Contact Coach Kristin page so we can talk and see if what you desire to work through, explore or finally change, is something I can help you with. Step out there and see what the Lord does!

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