May 4, 2015

Focus on Changing Your Focus in Change

Growing through change requires the ability to trust the Lord even when it feels like He has given you a pair of shoes you would never pick to wear. Toes pinch, balls of your feet ache, and you can’t count how many times you have almost twisted your ankle just getting from here to there. And yet life is not a destination that is familiar, but a process where each step is somewhere we have never stepped before, which means the need to adapt is inevitable. I was listening to a song on the radio today where a singer was talking about a period in her life where she was praying for clarity to move forward. Her best friend said, “No, that is not what the Word of God says. It calls us to trust even when the path is not clear, the storm is still raging, there is no line of sight around the next bend.” Our focus is to be on Christ and where He leads we follow whether we can see a clear path or not. He goes before us and guards our rear as we fix our eyes on Him, the Author and perfecter of our faith. (Hebrews 12)

If I am to grow, I must accept this as fact: God is trustworthy, faithful and fully capable of taking me where He has created, called and is currently equipping me to go. If I demand clear lines of sight, I will never move forward, my faith muscles will be very puny, and Jesus will not be seen in me by those watching my life. But that is what I want – to allow Jesus to be seen in me as a leaking vessel of clay made for His glory to shine through. (2 Corinthians 4) The cross was proof of my inability to save myself, let alone change for my good and His glory. Jesus became sin for me that I might become the righteousness of God in Him. I change when I rest in and cooperate with the forgiveness, unearned favor and mercy of God because of Christ taking my place and me getting Jesus’ reputation and status instead. Jesus in me changes me. The power source is sacrifice – God’s sacrifice for me on a cross. So I sacrifice my rights that I might live trustfully under the trustworthy guidance of an all powerful, all knowing, eternally loving God.

What has the Lord asked me to sacrifice lately to grow in this way? Timing of our house purchase and fixing it up, control over finances, what people think of me, what my new business as a life coach will look like, car repairs, husband’s health, my past failures, and others. Tomorrow has new sacrifices but I know He will guide me and empower me to keep my hands open and my eyes looking up to Him. He is trustworthy and His shoes are less and less pinching and wobbly than when we first began walking this path called New Life years and years ago…

How have you experienced change in your life? What has helped your perspective as you encountered change?

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