May 12, 2015

Boundaries: Freedom to Change and Grow

Boundaries are a new concept for me. As I have learned to define them, I realized how leaky and faulty mine were. Boundaries are good. The Lord models healthy boundaries for us – they flow from His very character.

God’s boundaries define who He is as God and how He interacts with us – what He as the Creator and Savior is responsible for and what we the creatures and sinners are responsible for. His holiness is defended by His just right to punish sin. We, as sinners, deserve that just punishment for choosing to reject Him and His ways. We are responsible to him for sin’s payment and he is responsible to us for punishing that sin.

But God… chose to cross that boundary to pay a debt WE owed HIM. Jesus took the punishment . We are forgiven. Both parties received what they were not responsible for.

God made himself responsible for saving me from my just punishment. It is now my responsibility to receive that payment from him to my account, by believing he is who he says he is and allowing his payment to be applied to my sin. God’s healthy, holy boundary, crossed for my salvation, created an ability for Him to choose to be responsible for what sinners could never do for themselves, but was fully within His power and inclination to give. God gave himself to free us to choose to have our sin covered, receive grace and forgiveness, and then go out and love others the same way.

He calls me to go on a journey to discover who I am in Him, learn what I am responsible for as a forgiven sinner, and extend that to others from a place of grace – from Him to them. This boundary thing has opened doors for me to help you be: encouraged, truly authentic, safely vulnerable, and supportively accountable to grow into the woman He saved you to be – applying the Gospel to all of who you are.

What boundaries do you need to define? What would happen if you used this opportunity to do so? What freedom for impact would or could you have on others around you if you did?

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