April 20, 2015

Propelled Forward

The walls coming down was the first step. I shared it with many. I shared forgiveness with the one who had hurt me. I had years of hurt to uncover, allow God into, and have His healing restore to wholeness.

God used faithful women, the Word of God, and sharing my story, to do His work. Now He could actually work because I was in a place to let Him. I shared this with women in Sunday School, Bible Study, young ladies on college campuses, and women in the local prison. At prison a woman asked me if I had confronted my abuser. I said I had forgiven them, but as I thought about it, I knew that person did not know how much they had hurt me. I needed to move from being a victim to a confident daughter of God.

I confronted my abuser with my story of fears, lack of confidence, hurts to my marriage and my family. The person was broken. I shared how Christ enabled ME to forgive THEM. I wanted them to know Christ’s forgiveness too. Our relationship changed that day. (I would not suggest you do this alone or at all without much counsel and prayer support.)

I left that room feeling significantly lighter in my heart and mind. Truth fought the darkness and fear, allowing my heart to walk into the light of Christ’s freedom. It gave me a passion to share how healing of our hurts is a process, not a point you arrive at here on earth. Hurt hides in layers, but if we work through each layer and do not hide them from the Light, healing can and will happen.

Hurts I caused others are still healing – one layer at a time. I shared this with the ladies at prison. It brought them hope for their hurts and the hurts they had caused their loved ones. Hope only comes through Christ and the healing that propels us forward to be used of God. We can take those scars and share the story of how God used and continues to use them to extend hope to others in our circle(s) of influence.

What has the Lord shown you from His story worked out in your life that enables you to move forward to embrace all He has for you? Please share so that God can get the applause!

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