My name is Kristin Robinson. I was born in central Michigan, on a farm,  in 1965 – the middle child of three.

   I was introduced to the gospel by my momma and became a believer in Christ at the age of six.

   I am a sexual abuse survivor at the hands of someone close to me. The Lord has healed me from the damage of this trauma. It has taken much of the past three decades. The Lord is the hero of my story, start to finish. 

   I have been married to my supportive, loving, and patient husband since 1986. My two kids are grown and spread across the country, which means I am an empty-nester. “Grandma” is on the horizon. I am very excited for the next step in our family growth!

   My husband and I moved from Michigan to eastern Tennessee in 2014 where we settled in to our new Gospel-centered, missional church. A year after our arrival in Tennessee, we bought our beautiful mountain home  near the Appalachian Trail and the North Carolina border. 

    I volunteer at a local elementary 2nd grade classroom when they are in session, as well as doing Bible studies, writing a blog, and being used of the Lord to help hurting women.

   My newest adventure is being a Certified Professional Life Coach, which is why you are here reading this page. I love the way coaching helps women bring clarity and healing to all the areas that seem out of control or overwhelming in their life, relationships, and/or work. My heart is to partner with them in leaving their broken past in the past, letting the Lord make beauty from their ashes!

More on CHRISTIAN COACH INSTITUTE where I received my coach training and certification: