Walking in the Light

12 week Coaching Package

As you walk further into the light, God will enable you to sort through more broken relationships and chaos. Learn to see them for what they are, grieve what’s been lost, and accept what cannot be changed. Out of this process you will discover a renewed energy to set healthy boundaries with others, discover what your convictions and passions are, and find the passionate purposes for which God made you. A forward focus, bathed in God’s truth, will enable you to leave the past in the past where it can no longer create chaos.

This Level Includes:

free assessments to create awareness of the source of your chaos and replace it with the truth of what the Lord saved you to be and do as His daughter

“Restore Sanity to Your Chaos” Journal that contains a “My God Biography” worksheet, “What God’s Word Says About Me” worksheet, and “Others” worksheet, with explanation and resources to help you replace your chaos with sanity in Christ.

DISC personality assessment (no extra cost) and opportunity to see how it can create greater awareness of God’s wiring of you,  so you can live with more confidence.

a listening, understanding heart that will encourage you to lay down the chaos and pick up healthy, solid truth, allowing you to be free and confident, believing God is trustworthy, your voice has power and purpose in Him, and that He has better ways of living with those broken people in your life.

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