Collateral Damage

I wrote last week about my husband being my defender as the Lord enabled him to be. I mentioned that my husband was often misunderstood in His strong defense of me, since only he and I knew why he was doing it. My husband was doing a loving, noble thing. I let him and yet knew that there were moments when he broke and roared much too loudly, which scared me. It also scared my […]

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50 Year Discoveries: Friendship & Community

Part 6: Friendship and Community School was awkward for me as I have mentioned, although I loved the academics. Friendships I made were few, but loyal. I thought about a situation in 4th grade where someone had been cheating off my page, the teacher watched it happen, asked me about it, the young lady’s brother and his harem threatened me at lunch and my best friend Marianne ran to get our teacher. I headed back […]

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