“Journey to Heal” by Crystal Sutherland

Today’s blog is a NEW BOOK RELEASE from a fellow childhood sexual abuse survivor. She has written a wonderful book that I believe will truly help you, my readers, or someone you know who has experience sexual abuse, to move from fear, anger, and distrust, to greater confidence in Christ, living forward without fear. Her name is Crystal Sutherland and below is more about her book, where to pre-order it, and what others have to […]

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50 Years of Discovery – A Series

Discovery 1: My Health I am coming up on the grand age of FIFTY. It doesn’t really bother me, but I got to thinking how it might be good to break down all I have learned as I approached this milestone. It might encourage others and keep what they are dealing with in perspective if I divulged my messy life on my weekly blog from today until November 13th. This week is health – eating, […]

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