The Craving To Be “Normal”

As you go through each day, do you ever observe the ease with which others do what you find extremely hard to do – like marriage, parenting, conversations, work? When they speak of the intimacy in their marriage and the closeness with their husbands they have and enjoy, are you jealous? When you see the patience with which they parent a screaming child or handle a disagreement, are you envious? When others are able to […]

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50 Year Discoveries: Parenting

Throwing up as I barely made it to the bathroom to hit the toilet. My stomach was rolling and smells made it worse. I never get sick – not since flu in high school, so this had to mean I was pregnant. I bought a pregnancy test and sure enough I was. We called the parents and shared it with friends, found a doctor and started taking the prenatal vitamins, which I could not keep […]

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