6 Truths for When You Feel Overwhelmed and “Too Broken”

Anne woke up and thought through her day and sighed. “Would anyone even care if I stayed in bed all day? It’s not like I really make a difference in anyone’s life. I usually just mess things up. I say all the wrong things and do all the wrong things. I am a terrible mom. If my friends knew what I was thinking half the time, they would think I was crazy. Why can’t I […]

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We Are Such A Plastic Family

When my daughter was around 14, she made a statement in response to something I was trying to explain about why we did what we did in our family. She said, “Mom, we are such a plastic family.” I was was confused by her words. She went on to explain that we were just so stiff and uptight. This is not how “real” families did stuff. Why can’t we live like other families? What’s wrong […]

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Surrendering the Weight

As a life coach I help others break down what is going on and what they would like to try or change or work on to move forward. But today I find myself on a journey of surrendering food to the Lord – again. This comes after a weight loss of 40 pounds 10 years ago that I kept off for 6 years – and then regained 30 in the last 4. Ugh. Every day […]

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