The Gains That Can Come From Releasing What Holds You to the Past

On the journey from brokenness to wholeness, chaos to clarity, fear to courage, unbelief to trust, we must choose to lay down the idols that “comfort” us and the lies that we believe about God, ourselves, and others. What we gain in the process is worth the risk. I want to share with you what I have gained in 3 different areas, how it has changed my life, enabling me to leave the past in […]

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50 Year Discoveries: Trained-wrecked Faith to Humbled Encourager

Part 3: Spiritual Journey BEFORE: In the library of the elementary I attended, my mom led a Good News Club and it was there that I prayed to receive Christ as my Savior. I shared this with everyone I could, including my Dad when I was 9. It was a huge deal to me for others to know this very great news! I continued to attend church with my Mom and siblings, attending Sunday School, […]

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