It Is Not YOUR Fault!

“You are stupid.” “You are ugly.” “You are worthless.” “You are bad.” “You asked for it.” “You deserve this.” These and thousands of other things have been said to you. They were said not just once in passing, but repeated..and repeated…and repeated. You have believed them because those with authority and power over you have always stated them as facts. The coldness or the anger in which they were said, made you feel powerless, unable […]

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50 Year Discoveries: Friendship & Community

Part 6: Friendship and Community School was awkward for me as I have mentioned, although I loved the academics. Friendships I made were few, but loyal. I thought about a situation in 4th grade where someone had been cheating off my page, the teacher watched it happen, asked me about it, the young lady’s brother and his harem threatened me at lunch and my best friend Marianne ran to get our teacher. I headed back […]

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The Problem is ME!

“We delude ourselves into thinking that if we had a different job, mate, parents, or children, or if we could only move to a different neighborhood or a different town, things would change for the better. That if we had a different figure, body type, or metabolic rate, we would at last be happy. Real growth begins when we are willing to see that all these circumstances are only externals. Real healing begins when we […]

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MY “Better” Planned Outcome?

We moved to eastern Tennessee away from family and familiar because of my husband John’s severe allergies. They manifested themselves in severe coughing for 2 hours every morning – turning him inside out. His chest hurt, he would pull muscles coughing. But worse than all that, his whole body shook and his hands and feet were like icicles every day, all day. Every test was run, medicines were tried for allergies and asthma. Nothing worked. […]

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