What Happens When We Begin to Find Our Identity, Purpose, and Voice?

What happens when we begin to really believe who we are in Christ, forgive those who hurt us, find safe community, and learn to be truly authentic – growing BEYOND our wounds? For some it is helping others who are where they have once been or speaking up for those who have no voice in society. It has looked different for each woman I know who is learning to grow beyond her wounds. Some women […]

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Ready, Set, “Journey to Heal”!

I am back and so refreshed by the Lord. I have sought His heart, surrendered my plans for His, and begun a course of action that will help Him make all things more clear. The cost of being transformed into His image is surrendering my will for His.                    I mentioned 3 weeks ago that I would be beginning a study on the book by Crystal Sutherland called “Journey to Heal”. She has begun the […]

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“Journey to Heal” by Crystal Sutherland

Today’s blog is a NEW BOOK RELEASE from a fellow childhood sexual abuse survivor. She has written a wonderful book that I believe will truly help you, my readers, or someone you know who has experience sexual abuse, to move from fear, anger, and distrust, to greater confidence in Christ, living forward without fear. Her name is Crystal Sutherland and below is more about her book, where to pre-order it, and what others have to […]

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