Spreading the Light

16 week Coaching Package

I know it seems impossible that any of your mess can be used of God to spread His light to others, let alone be used for your own healing process. As you explore more deeply the broken relationships and situations that are creating chaos in your life, applying the truth of God’s Word, you will begin to see how your story fits into His story. Out of that renewed sense of who God made you to be and how He is working in your hurt, you will start to find energy and confidence to form healthy relationships and speak truth with confidence. Your passion and hope will overflow to other women who need what you now possess. The past will have lost its power to hurt you and you can come alongside others to help them discover that same truth – God’s grace has worked full circle.

Your Package Includes:

free assessments to create awareness of the source of your chaos and replace it with the truth of what the Lord saved you to be and do as His daughter

“Restore Sanity to Your Chaos” Journal that contains a “My God Biography” worksheet, “What God’s Word Says About Me” worksheet, and “Others” worksheet, with explanation and resources to help you replace your chaos with sanity in Christ.

Book Resource List for help replacing the chaos with sanity in Christ

DISC Personality Assessment (no extra cost) and opportunity to see how it creates greater freedom to know how God wired you and live more confidently in that reality.

Spiritual Gifts Assessment (no extra cost) to discover the works He created for you to live out of when He saved you. This helps you find your voice in His Kingdom as His daughter.

BONUS SESSION: explore how the DISC and Spiritual Gift Assessment work together to create greater purpose and confidence to take the message of hope He has now given you to others still in chaos and darkness.

– Free book,“God-Sized Dream” by Holley Gerth 

a listening, understanding heart that will encourage you to lay down the chaos and pick up healthy, solid truth. This will allow you to be free and confident, believing God is trustworthy, your voice has power and your life has purpose in Him.

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