Living with OTHERS

Boundaries: Freedom to Change and Grow

Boundaries are a new concept for me. As I have learned to define them, I realized how leaky and faulty mine were. Boundaries are good. The Lord models healthy boundaries for us – they flow from His very character. God’s boundaries define who He is as God and how He interacts with us – what He as the Creator and Savior is responsible for and what we the creatures and sinners are responsible for. His […]

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Big Changes

It has been a little over a year of loss and gain, goodbyes and hellos, failures and successes. A prayer the Lord led my heart to pray was answered. A job application three states away, followed by an interview two days after Christmas, and an accepted offer the first week of January. This all led to the grand exodus away from the known and comfortable to the unknown and… well, UNKNOWN. This set in motion […]

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From Fear to Forgiveness

When I was a teenager I was was sexually abused. I was forever changed. Trust was lost. My faith in Christ wavered for the next 25 years. I believed in a God who loved me and was able to protect in any and every situation. Who else could I go to who had more power to protect than God Himself? I was stuck with this Savior. It was a love-hate relationship. I began doing what […]

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Hope-Shaped Brokenness

I have a God-given desire to work with you, a woman who is healing from brokenness, but struggling with questions of “what now?”. I want to help you move forward to embrace the abundant life in Christ your heart has longed for. This is you if that has you saying, “Yes, that sounds like where I am and what I want!” You have lived the life God has allowed and planned according to His purposes […]

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