January 9, 2017

Embracing Truth with Your Head AND Your Heart?

There is a challenge that often comes with using the Word of God in the healing process – the leap from knowing stuff in your head to embracing it with your heart. It is just a bunch of facts that get splattered against a wall if you do not really BELIEVE what you are applying to your wounds – past and present.

So how do you know if you really BELIEVE something, and how do you move from knowing stuff to belief that brings change?

Evidence for BELIEF is seen in the words and actions of your life as you encounter areas of it that need truth applied. For example, I can say I want to lose weight and then buy a new cookbook, gym membership, and a pair of new tennis shoes. The knowledge and tools are gained to make a change. The belief that it will make a difference is seen in me actually cooking healthy food and eating portions in keeping with the cookbook, putting on the shoes, and making the gym an appointment on my schedule that I keep.

Now, how do I actually make the move from knowing stuff to belief – words to action – action to healing? If actions prove I believe something is true enough for me to act on it, how do I go from knowing something is true, to acting on what I know to be true?

For myself personally this was a process of exposure to knowledge that others acted on and were proven to be good for growth and change. Not just anyone, but close, Godly friends who had walked that truth out into belief and the Lord had enabled true transformation to flow from it.

I saw them change and asked what they did. They would tell me truths from God’s Word that they had applied to life. The outcome was transformation that reinforced the truth of the words themselves. Did the words themselves create the belief or did the belief in the truth of the words and their Source give power to the ability to believe and act on them?

I had had the actual words for decades, but NO LASTING FREEDOM, HEALING OR CHANGE OCCURRED.

It was only when I BELIEVED in the One behind the Words and SAW WITH MY OWN EYES that lives could be changed by faith in Him and His Words, that I began to WANT that transformation for myself.

Knowledge had taken wings and turned into BELIEF.

BELIEF enabled me to take steps of faith based on knowledge PLUS visible proof of its power to free, heal, and change.

Over the last year I have written much about God’s truths to be believed and why we can trust His Words. I have given testimony of my own life changed by safe, Godly community, where knowledge came alive. I have seen broken women applying God’s truth and seeing His faithfulness to repair, restore, and transform. I have watched belief flow from knowledge into words and actions taken by women in the safe communities I and other faithful women have been ministering to.

Some have begun to use their voices to call out the wrongness of what had happened to them, confronting the ones who have perpetuated the lies, creating healthy boundaries, writing articles, sharing testimony with others of God’s power to heal and change, and on and on and on. Smiles, laughter, tears flowing from releasing the hurt and believing the Word of God and the God of the Word. Hurt women have taken Him at His Word and had the ability to wake up and meet their days with joy instead of dread, hope instead of despair, confidence instead of condemnation.

The process is slow, but the direction is steady and it begins with believing God can and will do what He says He will because of who He is – FOR YOU!

Here are some questions to answer to help you move from knowledge to belief:

1. Do you KNOW the One who is the Source of truth – Jesus Christ?

It starts here. You cannot believe in the true source of truth that changes and heals you, without knowing Jesus as Lord and Savior.

2. Do you KNOW the truths of His Word about Himself, who you are in Him, and how to live amongst others?

Being in the Word and asking the Lord the hard questions about Him and His Word, is how you know truth. You cannot believe in Who and What you don’t know.

3. Do you have safe, Godly community where you can ASK them about how they have seen these truths change their lives?

Safe, Godly Community is where you can be the real you, ask the hard questions, be received by women who have faced hard things and seen the Lord faithfully work. They will also be there as you step out on truth, believing God can, praying for you.

4. Have you personally SEEN God’s truths applied and actually change other people’s lives?

Of course we need to see that God’s truth truly changes lives for us to have the faith to believe and act. There is much proof of this, so ask the Lord to show you and bring others into your life that will also testify of this.

5. Do you BELIEVE God can change your life if you step out in faith based on what you now KNOW to be true of Him and you?

Eventually YOU have to step out onto the truth of God, His Word, and who you are in Him. YOU must let HIM change your confidence in Him, gain a voice to speak with conviction, stand up for yourself with healthy boundaries that allow you to love others as He created you to.

If beginning this journey overwhelms and scares you, I understand. I have been there and I want to walk WITH you, to be a part of that safe, Godly community that Jesus uses to give and strengthen belief, and then courage to make changes that allow Him to heal and transform you.

If you want to learn more about how that might work, check out my coaching packages available to you, where we TOGETHER explore the struggles you are having, address the truths that need to be known and believed, and then begin to find your voice, create your healthy boundaries, finding that joy, hope and confidence the Lord has always wanted for YOU, His precious daughter.