October 17, 2016

Dear, Younger Me

Have you ever thought what might be different in your past if you could go back and sit down with the younger you? Not in a terrible regretful, self-pity sort of way, but in a “How could it have changed the anger or fear or brokenness you felt?,” kind of restorative, life-giving way.

Our past had so many minefields. Some of what others did or said to us. Some of what we did or said to others in response to our own hurt. I have already posted a blog called “Collateral Damage” and it was a coming clean, owning the junk, asking forgiveness of my kids for the hurts I carried into their world that created hurts for them moving forward. It is a loss that must be grieved by both parties so healing can happen. And I am praying that healing does indeed happen – in God’s timing.

So, in light of that hope, if I WERE ABLE to share some things I would love to have told the 14 year old Kristin during or shortly after her abuse, that would have given her perspective and hope, I think these may be a few of them:

  • “You did not ask for this. You did nothing wrong.”
  • “Broken people do broken things – God is not punishing you.”
  • “God saw. He is keeping account. His heart aches for your wounds. Trust HIS love.”

What would I tell the young momma of two trying to love her kids and live for the Lord, who told her husband that if she had had a gun, she would have shot her abuser dead?

  • “Jesus understands the hurt and betrayal, the lies and deceit that created your wounds and that are eating at your soul.”
  • “This is what the Cross was all about – God has your back. God walks the valley WITH you. LET Him hold you.”
  • “You are NOT alone. Tell your story to just one person, so you can see that others care – and God does too.”

How would I speak life into the fearful, insecure wife who was terrified of intimacy with her spouse and of others knowing the chaos in her heart?

  • “Your husband loves you and is praying for you to see marriage as a gift – a safe place to be loved as God intended. Your husband loves God and is a safe place.”
  • “There are so many other women who need to know your story – let God use you to encourage others in Him. They are also fearfully hanging on by a thread.”
  • “Let GOD be your Protector and Avenger. He loves you and has proven it on the Cross. He is a GOOD Father.”

God’s Words to me AND you – then AND now:

You are Holy (Ephesians 1:4)

You are Righteous (2 Corinthians 5:21)

You are Redeemed (Psalm 107:2)

You are Chosen (1 Peter 2:9)

You are a New Creation (2 Corinthians 5:17)

You are More Than a Conqueror in Christ (Romans 8:37)

You are Loved  (Romans 8)

I will Restore You (Psalm 30:3)

I Will Avenge You (Psalm 58:9-11)

There is a song called “Dear Younger Me” by Mercy Me, and it has inspired the heart behind this blog. The Lord has used it to remind me that even though I cannot go back, I want to NOW speak life into others who are CURRENTLY struggling with the shrapnel of their woundedness,  needing to hear the words I wished I had known then about who God really was, who I truly am in Him, and the hope there is for healing and restoration in Him.

And so I leave you with a video for your day, calling you to prayerfully contemplate what YOUR younger you needed to hear THEN based on what you NOW know is true.

Write those down, find where the Lord speaks to that in his Word, and let Him breathe hope into a future where you live confidently for the Lord, believing He is good, knowing He uniquely created you for His own glorious purposes.

To find out more on how working with me can:

  • Help you untangle the chaos that abuse has created in your life
  • Replace lies with God’s truth
  • Learn to lay a different foundation for living confidently for today and the future in Him

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There are so many things the Lord has for you when you BELIEVE He is good, You are securely His, and safe, healthy relationships are in place!

Let me help you on the journey to that good place.