August 8, 2016

Yes, Roadblocks are Normal On the Road to Freedom

You are moving along, smashing the lies of the past, embracing God’s truth, learning to create boundaries, finding your voice, learning who He is and who you are in Him. You have overcome fears with steps of faith, forgiven those who have hurt you, and are beginning to trust the Lord with the details and relationships in your life.

And then…everything comes to a screeching halt. What happened? What is this thing in the road? You try to push it out of the way and you can’t budge it. You attempt to go around it, but there is just no way. You pray for the Lord to move it – surely HE knows you have things to do and people to reach beyond this thing in your way.


The WRONG QUESTIONS to ask In this moment:

    • Did I do something wrong?
    • Did I take a wrong turn?
    • Did I hear God right?

The past claws at your heart and mind to convince you you were foolish to believe God was leading you, that He really cared, or that you can actually make a difference now that you are free in Him.

You will hit roadblocks in the process of laying down fear, anger, and bitterness – it will feel like a bus is in the middle of the road – a gigantic, immovable object blocking your progress. Please, please know that this is a an incredibly normal part of the journey in learning to both listen to his Word and apply it in new life-giving ways.

If He knows each of your days before one came to be and has faithfully led you to this point – out of the past of fear, anger, and bitterness – is He not also in charge of all the roadblocks? The work He is calling you to is HIS and He knows when and where it will be done. Nothing happens outside His will. A bus in the road is nothing to an all-powerful God. The bus is no mistake – God doesn’t make mistakes!

The RIGHT QUESTIONS to ask in this moment:

    • What is it He wants me to see about Him or me before I move forward?
    • What might I be holding onto that is hindering my faith?
    • Am I thinking wrongfully about what I need to be doing and why?
    • Is He preparing SOMEONE ELSE for the next part of my journey – asking of forgiveness, confronting in healthy manner, etc?


    • Stay in the Word – HIS TRUTH will loosen and remove the claws of the past that are trying to create doubt
    • Share the roadblock with safe community – have them pray for wisdom and clarity in the waiting
    • Give yourself permission to not strive for an answer to this seemingly unsolvable step
    • Trust God is working even while you wait, despite what you can’t see
    • Keep serving Him right where you are – waiting does not mean “do nothing”
      • Remember this is GOD’S story – it is about HIM!

Next time you look up, the object will be gone and the the road ahead wide open with the way clearly marked by Him.

Don’t believe me?

Here are some examples in the Word:

Abraham (Genesis 22), Joseph (Genesis 40), Moses (Exodus 14), Joshua (Joshua 6), Peter (Acts 12), Paul (2  Corinthians 7)… and many more, both physical and spiritual.

Do not give up.

Do not grow weary.

Let this roadblock do its work of producing the fruit of God’s righteousness in you and those He is preparing you to serve (Hebrews 12:4-11). This too is part of your path to freedom – lean into Him and watch Him work.