June 3, 2016

Ready, Set, “Journey to Heal”!

I am back and so refreshed by the Lord. I have sought His heart, surrendered my plans for His, and begun a course of action that will help Him make all things more clear. The cost of being transformed into His image is surrendering my will for His.

               Book-cover    I mentioned 3 weeks ago that I would be beginning a study on the book by Crystal Sutherland called “Journey to Heal”. She has begun the study that accompanies it, with weekly videos already being released to all who signed up. I signed up and have received and watched video number one, along with an invite to be a part of the FB page – she must invite you. I joined it so I could gain all the tools necessary to begin my own study with the first 5 of you, my readers, who wish to go through it over the phone.

What does this study involve?

  • FB messaging, emailing, direct tweeting me to let me know that you are interested
  • When you have contacted me to join, I will give you the Free Conferencing number we will use and the participant code to join in each week. This will require a phone with unlimited long distance or a plan with a huge number limit as the call will be long distance.
  • Study will be 7 weeks long, beginning Tuesday, June 14, 7:30-8:30pm (EST) – through July 26
  • Buying the book, either on Kindle or in paperback. (Amazon or Barnes and Noble)
  •  Buying a pretty notebook 2 things:you can write in. It will be referred to as your Truth Journal in her book and it is where she has you write out verses, prayers, responses to action – all the steps in “Journey Essentials” at the end of every chapter.
  • Watch the video I forward to you before each week’s time on the phone.

What will we do in each call?

  • Ice Breaker to get to know each other better – purely fun stuff, so no pressure
  • Ask for insights from the reading of that week’s chapter
  • Discuss what came up for you in light of the Journey Essentials – verses, prayer, action step, thanksgiving
  • Prayer requests in light of action steps

Have you been told to to stop dwelling on the past?

Do you fear upsetting certain relationships if you start this journey?

“Looking back is often required in order to find freedom to move ahead…Emotional wounds are like deep cuts in our soul. They need to be tended to properly in order to heal.” (excerpt from “Journey to Heal”)

You may be asking, “But what if it doesn’t work or what if I am no better off than when I started?”

“Sexual abuse leaves a soul wound that only God can heal. It takes time and commitment to the journey, and we must be willing to take certain essential steps…God has the ability to heal your brokenness, lift the weight of shame, and lead you into a brand new life.” (excerpt from “Journey to Heal”)



If the answer is YES!, contact me and let me know. I want to be the hands and feet of Jesus, using the beautifully created tool by Crystal Sutherland and the Word of God to give you the confidence to live forward in Christ – without fear as you let Him heal your past, preparing you for a brand new life.

Facebook: “Kristin Lewis Robinson or “Unchanging God Changing You – message me from either page



P.S. To those of you who were also interested “Lord, Heal My Hurts” by Kay Arthur, I will begin that as an online study in September. More specifics coming later. Thank you all for allowing me a part in helping you learn and grow!




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