May 13, 2016

NOW is the Time!

I am taking this blog to ask you for YOUR feedback, input, and wish lists concerning what you have seen in my blogs that have helped you, things you wish I would write about, or whatever you might have to say about anything you need to say.

This is YOUR time.

For this to work, YOU need to respond by comment, email, Facebook message or Twitter Direct Tweet.

I need your feedback on:


Online Bible Study Calls:

This is where I would use one of two studies I believe will really help you grow, ask you to purchase a book that you work through each week, and then join others on a call to discuss what you have learned and what the Lord is up to as you encounter the study. You do not need to be able to get on by computer. You will need a phone with unlimited talk over long distance. My goal is to keep it to an hour a week so you can plan. I will not be offended if you have to leave and others want to continue to talk. It will be your time to engage and grow.

Two Online Bible Studies:


1. “Lord, Heal My Hurts” by Kate Arthur.

Many a women has benefited from the way she walks you through the process of healing from past wounds, using the Word, daily exercises to engage the Word and the Lord, and then a time to meet and go over questions on a live conference call. It is a 13 week study, but over that time you will see the Lord healing you and growing you beyond your wounds. More here:


2. “Journey to Heal” by Crystal Sutherland

Recently released, but very clear and powerful step-by-step process of facing your past abuse and then allowing the Lord to use Himself, His Word, and others to process it in a way that you grow beyond your wounds to a place of thriving. She is releasing it on video beginning June 1st. Being involved would include: purchasing the book, listening to the video each week, and then joining me and others on a conference call for an hour each week. It is a 7 week study. Here is her website that explains the content of the book and how the Bible study works: Now if you want to sign up and do it with her, you can, but there will be leader guides so I can take you through it as well. It is up to you.



I am also considering creating videos or Periscope presentations on my “Rebuilding Your Foundation” Journal – currently free to all who go to my site and subscribe to my blog. I would do an intro that does an overview, followed by 3 or 4 sessions that cover the 3 specific areas, plus application,  included in the process of fully engaging the journal for your growth and healing found in the Word.

Facebook Secret Site:


Growing Beyond YOUR Wounds BlogGrowing Beyond YOUR Wounds is a secret site on Facebook for women who have lived through verbal, emotional, and/or sexual abuse. It is a place you must be invited to. It is safe, encouraging, compassionate, and authentic. There are opportunities to share thoughts, experiences, prayer requests, praises, tools that have helped you, etc. All of these are for the goal of moving us beyond our wounds to freedom in Christ, dependent on the Word, finding and giving the support we all need. If you are interested, email me, Facebook message me or Direct Tweet me. I will add you to the group and you can enjoy the fellowship of other women on the journey to wholeness in Christ. I, and all the ladies already engaging in the group, would love to have you be a part of our growing process and the addition of your unique journey perspectives.

Coaching Give-Away:

SteppingIntotheLightI will be running another opportunity to win a complimentary 4 session coaching package. It will be a drawing of those who give me feedback here and throughout the month of May on my website, Facebook Fan page, and Twitter. It can be a comment, a sharing of a blog you like, subscribing to my blog, or sharing a post and commenting on why you shared it. Just looking for true and honest engagement so I know what you like, what you need, and what you want as I return to blogging on June 3rd. It is your opportunity to give voice to your thoughts. Don’t hold it back or wait until later.

                   NOW is the time!


                          TODAY is the day!


In light of giving you time to respond so I can serve you best and allow for your input, I am taking until June 3rd off from blogging. The social media squares already created will still go out for the next few weeks. On June 3rd, I will announce what study I will be offering, when it will begin, and how you can join me and others.

Questions/feedback/input on anything I have shared is most welcome. I will consider anything and everything you share as I move forward in my coaching, ministry, writing, and teaching to you, my readers. Thank you for being faithful readers!

I write for YOU!


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5 Comments on “NOW is the Time!

May 13, 2016 at 12:16 pm

I love the idea of a bible study. Especially if it’s Kay Arthur! I don’t know what periscope is. As for newsletter, I really like reading your thoughts on scripture and the series you did on bible people.

May 13, 2016 at 11:54 pm

Thank you for responding, Tara!

Periscope is a live phone app where others can type in responses to me as I teach and ask questions – there is also a way to watch it later as a recorded event. Just a different option to teach and interact.

I love Kay Arthur as well. 🙂

What was it you liked about my teaching of the Word and Bible people? What/who would you like me to teach on or go deeper in?

Have a great weekend and hope your final went ok.

May 14, 2016 at 8:16 am

I like hearing people’s thoughts on scripture. Connections are made that I don’t think about. 🙂 I don’t have any preference.

Fina went great! 90% so I finished the class with a 94!

Kristin Robinson
May 14, 2016 at 11:58 am

Ok. Just don’t want to assume I know what you mean. Clarifying so I can be better at helping you grow. 🙂 Awesome grade. Rest for a bit before it all begins again.

Kristin Robinson
June 3, 2016 at 10:37 am

Tara, letting you know that the study “Lord, Heal My Hurts” by Kay Arthur will be done in the fall for those with time or interest. Choosing to do the “Journey to Heal” with women right now as that is where the Lord lead me for the summer. Know it was probably best for you in the summer, but I can only do so much. 🙂 I know you understand that. <3

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