March 21, 2016

God’s Power FOR Me

I often stand out on my deck and look out at the mountains. I am continually amazed at the greatness, grandeur, and power of their presence. It never fails to move me to praise. They create an awareness of how small I am, insignificant really, compared to them. Mountains are a powerful presence. Consider the power of the One who spoke the visible world – and mountains- into existence. If the mountain inspires awe and awareness of my smallness, what does that say about my God who made them?

This almighty power of God that made the world used to be a hang up for me as I considered how He had possessed the power to stop what happened to me in the past…and didn’t. It was why He felt powerfully distant for decades. I knew He was real. I knew He created the world. I knew He died and rose again. I internalized that I must not have been significant enough to intervene for. Or I was just totally wrong about everything I thought I knew of Him. Both were agonizingly painful to consider.

Now before you go correcting me, I already know the faulty thinking of my past. I know the lies Satan whispered in the dark. But when you are wounded and believe God could have stopped something because you believe He IS Almighty, and then He doesn’t, it tips your world sideways for a while. The view out your eyelids shows a world where the sky is on the left, the ground on the right, and you can’t figure out why you cannot walk. If you have read many of my blogs you know that I am not there, living in that state, any more.

    • So how did I get from there to where I am currently?
    • How did the shift happen where the sky was above me, the ground was below me, and I had freedom to step into all He had for me?

I went on a quest to know the Word of God, and thus Him, so I could make sense of what happened to me and what His role was in my life. This quest started in Genesis 3 with the choice of Adam and Eve to abandon God’s protection and goodness, thinking they knew more and better. Sin and death and awfulness entered. The valley of the shadow of death opened wide. They made their choice and we have all been facing the consequences for it. The glimmer of hope was the “seed” of Eve that would crush Satan’s head. For more to that story, you can go read my blog from last Monday on God’s justice, called, “God is NOT a Monster”. (

In the rest of God’s Word we can read the story of His saving power and careful plan unfolding to bring forth that “seed”. We have Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, followed by captivity in Egypt for 400 years (talk about feeling insignificant and forgotten!) He used Moses to confront Pharaoh, where God displayed His power over every god of Egypt and, in the end, led them out of captivity. He parted waters, caused water to flow from rock, daily formed manna on the ground, and quail fell from the sky – enough to feed millions each evening. He enabled Israel to defeat nations, taking the Promised Land for their own. Walls fell down at a shout, armies were routed without a sword drawn. More captivity and rescue. Punishment followed by promises of a time when He would put a new heart and mind in those He calls His own. Then God went silent for 400 years…until a cry was heard in a manger in Bethlehem – the “Seed” sent to save His people from their sin. Almighty God – with skin on – had entered our world.

You see His power was just, righteous, and holy. He could not just forgive the sin of the Garden without someone paying for it. This baby in a manger is where His power to judge met His power to save. The curse of the Garden would be dealt a death blow.- Satan’s head would finally be crushed. God the Son gave up His rights to heaven and became a man, living as a humble servant to the point of death on a cross. However, unlike every other person who dies, He rose again to life three days later, showing Himself to His disciples and over 500 people at one time. He went back to the Father and then sent His Spirit to live in all who will believe – God’s Almighty power within each believer, enabling them to live a new life, a changed life.

The power of death and the curse of the Garden are undone, but His patience to save as many as possible before He returns, causes Him to wait and work through His children to take this very message to a lost and broken world in need of His saving power -right up to the present day.

You may be asking, “What does all that have to do with the transformation from a sideways view of God, who allowed me to be wounded, to trusting this very same God, believing He has the power to do the same for you in your life?” He was faithful to His promise to bring the “seed” to crush Satan’s head – the Accuser has no more power to dictate my outcome. Satan wanted to condemn the jewel of God’s creation – mankind – to broken destruction for all time. God, instead, implemented the intricate plan – already in place – to provide a Savior. And by His Almighty power, He made it so.

God was faithful to show me His power in the valley of woundedness. He healed me – and continues to heal me – with truth of His demonstrated love, goodness, sovereignty, justice. Lies about my worth and His ability to save, that Satan whisper in the dark so long ago, were and are being replaced with the reality of who He is and who I am in Him now. He lead me to the mountain top to gain His perspective on the story of redemption He is still writing with my life. God is not to blame for what happened to me. Humans are. HUMANS broke HIS world. My abuser is safely in the hands of the One to whom they will have to give account, if they do not repent and believe in Him. I believe He has the power to avenge me and to heal me. For what purpose? To share this message of healing and hope with every wounded woman needing to know they have a powerful God who can make all things right – in His time, for His glory, for their ultimate good.

The view off my deck is an ever-present reminder of the fact that my sky is now above me, the earth is below me and I can go forward to walk the valley and climb the mountain in front of me, because I trust Him to empower me.

    • Where are you at on this journey?
    • What lies has Satan whispered in your ear about your worth and God’s power to save?
    • How has this blog enabled you to see God and the purpose of your wounds differently?
    • How well do you know the One who made you? How might you change that?
    • What differences to your daily life might occur if you were to be intentional in pursuing His Word?
  • How can I partner with you to help you walk the valleys and mountains with the Lord with more trust and less fear? Let me know. or click here: Contact Coach Kristin