January 25, 2016

Where Do I Belong?


We are all told we need to seek it out to know where we are going based on where we have been and the skills acquired along the way – educationally, socially, relationally, spiritually.

What is a “calling” anyway, and how do we know what OURS is?

In the past few years, I had sensed that the Lord was leading me into life coaching, based on my love of mentoring, teaching and encouraging others with the Word of God as it related to all of life – the good, the bad, and the down-right devastating. So I researched, prayed, gained counsel from sisters in the Lord, and connected with a few instructors from a few different schools. I went with Christian Coach Institute out of Charlotte, NC with Janice Levour-Fletcher as instructor. There was almost a year delay, between making this decision and doing it, while we unexpectedly moved to Tennessee in early 2014. Coaching school did indeed happen in September of that year. I completed practicums for certification, created a website, set up a presence on Facebook and LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. I began to blog and share. I donated a coaching package to missions for a silent auction and gave away another package in a Newsletter Give-Away.

  • So why was I not getting paying clients?
  • Had I not heard the Lord correctly?
  • Was I doing something wrong?
  • What needed to change for me to reach the women I so wanted to reach?

I had begun to believe that my worth as a woman was tied up in this call to be a life coach. If I did not have engagement on a post or a blog, I went into “what’s the point?” mind-frame or researched and tried another direction. It was either give up or try harder. I kept thinking of all those people who prayed for me as I went to school, the ones who were skeptical about life coaching, and the other ones who kept asking me how things were going. I didn’t have answers. I had listened to the Lord, been in the Word, trusting the process, but the results were not as I had imagined.

Lord, where do I belong? I am not like other life coaches. I love wounded women and want them to have confidence in you as they live forward without fear of the future. I know the answer to the abuse and wounds of their past is found in you – truly knowing you and loving you and trusting you with their healing and future. I also desire to help my husband with the finances by using these gifts and skills you have given. I want to be useful. I want to be helpful. Does my current life have a point? Where DO I belong?

The lie was that my calling had to look like I thought it had to- like other coaches – not according to God’s will and way for ME. He had not called me to find my worth in what I do, but in who I was as His child. It is all about HIM. He loves these same women I love. He wants them to know Him as well, growing in their confidence in Him, healing from their past, trusting Him with their future. He was calling me to surrender MY way for HIS way and rest in the timing of reaching them. His timing is perfect – never early and never late. It is why He is called the great I AM, the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. He is the great Shepherd leading His sheep of which I am one (John 10).

I know He firmly has this thing that concerns me. This thing I call a “calling”. It is bigger than me in ways my mind cannot never fathom.

And yet…no one thwarts His plans. He does not forsake us to guessing and hoping. But there is this verse that speaks of Him being a lamp to my feet and a light to my path, where the whole path is not illuminated (Psalm 119:105). Just the next step. And the next step. And the next step. I was indeed created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which He made for me before the world began, that I would walk in them (Ephesians 2:10). I do not need to search out my calling, but trust the One who called me to it before the world began – before any of us were even here.

He is preparing me for the path and the path for me – to walk on it WITH Him. It is HIS path. I am HIS. The calling is secure. What it will ultimately look like is in HIS hands as I take the next step with His lamp-illuminated pathway before me. I no longer believe the lie that my worth is wrapped up in this thing called “life coaching”. He is using me to teach and to encourage, to create tools to overcome lies and help women rebuild their foundations in the truth of His Word. I do not know the next step, but HE DOES.

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