January 4, 2016

The Lies We Believe


NOT outright untruths that we would recognize in a nanosecond, BUT an artfully crafted web of truth with lie woven in.

Baby Steps in healing and living forward with confidence in Christ and without fear of the future, begins with recognizing the lies Satan whispers into our lives and the ones we create when life happens differently than we expect.

Satan takes our shame and creates a scenario where we believe things happened to us because we had a flaw or defect. We pick up his lie and take that further, because we know we DO have flaws and defects. The lie has truth woven into it. We believe the truth but do not discern the lie entangled within it. This thing did not happen to me because I have defects and flaws, but because all people around me have defects and flaws. Their issues hurt me, wounded me, destroyed me. But in our woundeness we do not see this.

For example, my sexual woundedness caused me to believe God was not trustworthy and I must protect those things that mattered most to me – my reputation, my marriage, my kids. The effect of that need to control is that others around me felt pressured to be a certain way. I destroyed some relationships – or at least damaged them significantly. To this day, even though I have asked forgiveness and the Lord is healing those relationships, I am insecure when others post things about their families, the great relationships they have with each other, and their thankfulness for all the Lord has done. Satan creeps up and begins whispering into my ear, “You see, you were a terrible mom and wife. You will never have what they have because you WERE a mess and ARE a mess. You are too messed up to ever have this work. Just quit trying. It will never be.”

The truth in that lie is: I was indeed a mess of a mom then and I still struggle with insecurities in relation to that to this day. I lived out of fear then and controlled and hurt my kids. Their view of Jesus is warped by my broken presentation of Him while they grew up. So I take in the truth, but also pull the lie in with it about being too messed up currently for me to ever have a great relationship with my kids. The truth and the lie together wear my heart out and pull me down into an ever-downward-spiraling tunnel of lies about worth as a person, a mom, a coach, my ability to help others because I am too messed up myself. I live the rest of the day in this rabbit hole.

That is IF I do not take it to the Word of God and examine it through my Abba’s lens – what does God say about this situation and who I am in Him? He says, “Yes you are a mess (Romans 3:23, 6:23). Yes, this situation is difficult. It caused and is causing you great heartache. But you are my beloved (Jeremiah 31:3). I died for the brokenness that happened to you and your broken responses to it (Romans 6). I am Almighty God. All things are possible with me (Matthew 19:26). You are forgiven (1 John 2:12). My grace is sufficient for this weakness – this inability to be the mom you wanted to be and the desire to do and be better in it currently. My power is made perfect in your weakness (2 Corinthians 12:8-10). You could not be perfect, but nothing is impossible with Me. Your weakness has given Me opportunity to work in an through you to shine the light of the Gospel of grace to a lost and broken world (2 Corinthians 4). Your weakness exposed, enables others to see their need of Christ and His healing. If you were perfect, how would all that happen? I was perfect FOR you, died FOR you, rose again to conquer death and hell (Satan and his lies that condemn) FOR you (Romans 8).”

He alone is enough. His Word spoken over my brokenness breaks the power of the lie and enables me to ask forgiveness of God and my kids when I fail them, knowing Jesus died and rose again for that. I can place my faith in HIS ability to work and change me, I can trust His provision for today as I interact with others who have had consequences from THEIR responses to the brokenness done to them. God will use my intimate knowledge of His healing in MY life – drawn from His Word – to strengthen my own foundation, and then use me to help strengthen OTHER’S foundations.

  • What lies are you believing?
  • Where is the truth woven into them that makes them go deep and sidetrack your faith?
  • What does God’s Word have to say about that?
  • How does the Gospel cover that?
  • How can God’s power be made perfect through it so others can see Jesus in you and find His hope for themselves as well?
  • How can I come alongside you and reinforce God’s truth?

I love you.

God loves you more.

He came to you and died for you that you might live IN HIM.

May you begin the journey of walking with confidence in Him without fear of your future, because He is already there!

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