May 26, 2015

Freedom: For WHO and for WHAT?

It was for freedom that Christ set us free, so why are we trying to live by our own works? What does this have to do with change and coaching and our life’s story as we move forward?

Finding our passion and purpose in Christ and living for Him can only come when we realize the change He has caused and the changes He wishes to make in and through us. We need to realize we already have His favor, He has already formed us for a purpose from before our birth, and has crafted our steps to make us into person who would serve in His kingdom in very specific and gifted ways. This process involves our faith in Christ through His work on the cross and His resurrection having finished the work on our behalf. So we can now walk in the power of freedom from sin and death. This is a weight that allows us to live forward in freedom, walking in His steps, to serve Him where He leads for His glory. There is no fear of failure, because the Lord has won the war, and we are no longer under His condemnation. His grace enables us to use the gifts He has given us to spread the Word of His love and grace and truth.

What do we have to fear by following the paths He has led us on toward greater service? How can we fail when we are loved because of what Christ has done and not anything we can add or subtract from that? That dream, that vision, that calling that burns within you to change a situation or a relationship or a ministry or work or perspective, could very well be His leading you to trust Him to use you in those things. There are steps to explore that to discover what and where and why and who He wants to use you to impact in His world. Don’t let fear hold you back from that discovery. Trust in the Lord and do not lean on what you can see or understand. In ALL your ways look to Him as the answer and He will direct you in the way you should go. He has the answers to who you are and why your life has brought you to this point, the experiences of hurt and failure, joy and success. Let Him take your experiences, refined by life in a broken world, and use them to shine light into darkness and give hope to the hopeless, instead of hiding it under a bush in fear of failure or rejection or  just losing your comfortable life.

Ouch. Did I just say that?! Your and my comfortable lives often cause us to not feel the need to go outside of it and do what the Lord is leading us to do, to sacrifice for a greater purpose, or to lose what we think we can’t live without. Our freedom in Him means we have His favor in Christ, but not just to make our lives better. Freedom can trap us either in thinking we have to do everything right to keep His favor, or insulate us from the need to move where He wants us to move and do what He is calling us to do. We feel so loved and forgiven that we see His call as moving us away from what we know of God to an area where we may need to trust Him more deeply. His vision for why He saved you – to be used in other’s lives- can be thwarted by fear or pride or selfishness.

Where is the balance of freedom in Christ found then? Believing we are free from condemnation in Christ so we go forward in confidence. AND knowing we are not free for ourselves alone, but also for others who yet need us to submit to the Lord in offering our lives as living sacrifices so they can be free in Christ as well. When you arrive at the balance, you are in a place of believing in your God FOR the good of others and the glory of God.

Where are you not believing you are forgiven and free to live forward for Him? Where are you resting comfortable and resisting His call to use that freedom for Him and not just yourself?

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