April 27, 2015

Big Changes

It has been a little over a year of loss and gain, goodbyes and hellos, failures and successes. A prayer the Lord led my heart to pray was answered. A job application three states away, followed by an interview two days after Christmas, and an accepted offer the first week of January. This all led to the grand exodus away from the known and comfortable to the unknown and… well, UNKNOWN.

This set in motion packing and painting, planning and purging. Our grown kids were to stay behind and hold down the fort before they also both moved on to their next steps. Over the next six months our home slowly transitioned to an empty house and a place to sell so everyone could move forward. Seventeen years and now it was going to be someone else’s home. So many memories of kids, pajamas, school books, dogs, cat, Christmas’ and birthdays, fights and forgiveness, hurts and healing, tears and laughter.

What we came to in eastern Tennessee a little over a year ago was different than my expectations, but also much greater and more transformational than we could ever have imagined. New friends, new church, new ministries,new opportunities to volunteer, and new career from going to school to become a Certified Professional Life Coach. I cannot believe it has been that long. We lived through a long-distance video Thanksgiving and Christmas, the sale of our home, and watching our kids move into a new existence as adults in a changing, unpredictable world. They are doing great! The career is moving forward – I have learned so much.

If all this sounded like it was easily done or accomplished gracefully and with confidence, bumps all smoothed out, and I never got lonely or discouraged, it is time to burst that holy bubble. It has been a very difficult, stretching, painful, awkward, tiring, time for all concerned.

CHANGE is disruptive, but also holds much opportunity for growth, letting things fall away, embracing the new with hopeful awkwardness, believing God can and will use it all for our good and His glory. He has been my strength, torn down my idols, and placed Himself as my true center again. Newness created awareness of my need for Him. I go forward excitedly to see what He has next for me – because I know He is with me when I do.

What changes have you moved through this past year? Who or what did it impact? What truths have you learned about God and/or yourself as you moved through them?

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