January 21, 2015

Hope-Shaped Brokenness

I have a God-given desire to work with you, a woman who is healing from brokenness, but struggling with questions of “what now?”. I want to help you move forward to embrace the abundant life in Christ your heart has longed for. This is you if that has you saying, “Yes, that sounds like where I am and what I want!”

You have lived the life God has allowed and planned according to His purposes and will. One of His purposes is to build a wall of living stones, each doing its part, according to it’s shaping and place in the wall. Your life is a living sacrifice to bring God glory, to make His name famous, to draw others to the cross and the resurrection. It is a living relationship as a living stone in God’s house, pointing the world to Him, the One who makes all things new.

Your healing has brought you to a place of being ready to be used of the Father for the glory of the Son. Sin and dependence on other things have been weeded out. Things that weigh you down and entangle your feet are removed so you can now run the race as God has planned for you.

It is time to make Jesus, the Author and perfecter of your faith, the focus of all you think, say, and do. Your preparation through suffering has created a genuinely tested faith, an ability to entrust yourself to Him who suffered for you. Jesus had to suffer and die for HIS sacrifice to have the power it now has to save and change lives. He now calls YOU to do the same.

My suffering, now healed, has readied me to help you make sense of where God has prepared you for through your healing process. I want to help you find who you are in Him, creating a passion for serving Him where He has shaped you to fit in that wall of living stones.

What do you need to sacrifice to Him today so He can use you in building His kingdom “wall” right where you are? What about your life would change if you did that today? What is the worst that could happen? How can you show that you trust Him with your life today?

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