You are a Christian woman who needs help working through the overwhelming chaos that emotional, verbal, and/or sexual abuse has left you with. While here you will learn to embrace the truth about yourself in Christ, see how God is in your corner, and use tools that will help you live forward with a restored purpose in Christ and with others, leaving your past in the past where it belongs.

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  1. Who You Are as a Daughter of God
  2. Who God is in Relation to Your Problem and Solution
  3. Who You Are with Others

Who you are in Christ and who you believe Him to be in relation to your problem and your hope for a solution, impacts how you interact with those around you. Your broken relationships and confusing situations have caused you to lose sight of what the Lord declares of you, His daughter. Your hurt has caused your perception of Him to be skewed and this keeps you in a fearful, angry, bitter place.

How you relate to others is impacted by both of these areas, creating broken relationships, relationships based on fear of being wounded again, being used by others, etc. Your boundaries are leaky – you slide from pushing others away to stay safe, to allowing others to take advantage of you because you want to be loved and accepted.

I have created three free e-books (no strings attached) to give you a taste of how the Lord, you, and I – in partnership – can begin unravelling the chaos, restoring the hope, and rebuilding relationships to a healthy place, where you can be free to live out of an unconditionally-loved place in Christ. 

Click on the e-book covers below to download the e-books, beginning a journey that leads you to the life the Lord has always intended you to have – in Him.

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Do you want to understand where God was  in your hurt so you can stop feeling betrayed and angry?


Are you ready to stop feeling messed up and broken?


Tired of feeling like no one understands your messy story?

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