Who I Serve

Trusting God Romans 8 28

I work with Christian women who have had emotional, verbal, or sexual abuse in their past, wanting to be free from the controlling destruction that fear, anger and the need to protect have created in their present lives.”

  • Does fear, anger, and bitterness steal energy from your relationships, driving you to mistrust, over-protect, and doubt?
  • Have you lost hope in ever being free of the hurt that created that fear, anger, and bitterness?
  • Do you feel that if you don’t find a way out of this hurt storm you will lose everything?


I want to partner with you as you evaluate your present, being swallowed up by your past, to see how a faithful God is at work in all your junk. Learn to once again trust in God’s faithfulness to put confidence where fear once overwhelmed, hope where discouragement once lived, and rest where your need for justice used to drive you. This journey will leave you with a renewed energy to do the work of healing in your relationships and moving you forward into the real purpose He made you for.


“To see women trust God with the events of their lives, enabling them to understand and be restored to the hope of believing God has a purpose for them, bringing them peace in ALL their relationships.”

  • Helping you discover who you are in Christ as a woman
  • Discovering what needs to happen next to understand Him in the areas of your life that are out of control
  • Finding what gets in the way of believing He truly cares about you and wants you to live free
  • Realizing what needs to change or be surrendered for that to happen
  • Begin creating a plan to start moving toward freedom with peace and purpose, minus the fear anger, bitterness

DISC and Spiritual Gift Assessments
– Values/Passions/Strengths exercises
– Life Wheel exercises and discussion
– God Is/You Are journal activities
– Life Mapping to bring your life experiences forward, helping you grow as a woman into the beautiful masterpiece He created, called and equipped you to be through it all.


To schedule a 30 minute free “Building Trust” session that will allow you to envision how an Unchanging God can Change Your perspective on living for Jesus, with confidence and without fear, go to:         

  1. Contact Coach Kristin page and click on the button “Schedule a ‘Building Trust’ Session”
  2. kristin@unchanginggodchangingyou.com
  3. 423-743-0032 (Leave a message – it is a confidential voice mail box)